Financial Peace University

Wednesday, 5/15/24 at 7:00pm

About the Event

You talk to your friends about kids, your new diet, and how crazy your boss is. But debt? Budgeting? That’s when things get weird. Not in an FPU class.

You can get real about what’s going on with your money because everyone’s made a mistake or two. (Or 10. Or 100. Who’s counting?) Only this time, you’ll make lasting changes because you’ll have a community at your back saying, “You’ve got this!”

Each meeting lasts one hour. And what you put into those nine weeks is exactly what you’ll get out. FPU grads pay off an average $5,300 of debt in 90 days. So. Can. You.

We’ll set you up with everything you need for the class (and long after). A digital workbook. Our zero-based budgeting app. Plus, a year of financial coaching.

When you buy Financial Peace University, you can enroll in any class at no extra charge. And if you’re married, that covers your spouse too.