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Pastor Bill FrancavillaMay 19, 2024Hello and welcome to Living Hope Church in Williamsburg, VA. Join us this week as Pastor Bill Francavilla delves into the significance of Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples. He emphasizes the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit and the misunderstanding many have about God and His actions. He expresses concern about a trend in the church and society regarding a lack of understanding of God's love and affirmation. Continuing, he stresses the importance of affirming one another and drawing from biblical passages to illustrate God's love and affirmation for humanity. He then shifts to discussing the obligation to love even those perceived as unlovable, referencing Matthew 5:43-48. Matthew (also known as Levi) reflects on the societal perception of tax collectors during biblical times. Emphasizing the need to love and befriend those outside the faith, challenging us to extend the same love and affirmation we receive from God to others.

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